leasle introduces data-clause technology
Our advanced new techniques in document assembly enable sophisticated relationships between documents and data without complex coding

10 December 2020


Paul Rogers

+44 (0) 121 720 3091

From the outset leasle's technology focus has been on ensuring a rock-solid relationship is maintained between documents and embedded data.  Keeping data and document content in lock-step throughout the document lifecycle is a key distinguishing feature of our solution, but we always knew that to fully support the document generation process end-to-end we would need to deliver sophisticated capabilities for document assembly.

Now we have gone further.  leasle is delighted to announce the arrival of our innovative data-clause technology which extends Microsoft Word by handling dynamic changes to complex clause constructs within documents.  Those editing a document can continue to work as normal within the text, or select appropriate data options when prompted seamlessly by the leasle add-in.  Either way, text and data remain aligned.  Data-clauses enable not only the creation of initial suites of documents from precedents, but also handle the insertion and deletion of clauses as negotiation progresses.  With leasle data-clause technology integrity between data and document is always maintained.

Unlike traditional document assembly tools, our unique data-clause approach avoids the need to program templates with complex rules to define document behaviour.  Instead, our technology learns by example how clauses and data are related.  leasle is easily taught how data drives the clauses and sections of any document or series of documents, and then ensures that text and data remains aligned throughout the document lifecycle.  And of course the associated data is available to drive downstream systems and analysis with the assurance that data accurately reflects the underlying contractual provisions.

To learn more or arrange a demonstration of our unique data-clause technology please contact us.