leasle  enables quick and easy creation of heads of terms and leases with its unique data-clause technology and integrated workflow to streamline the negotiation of real estate transactions.  It creates a master source of data which is intrinsically linked in lock-step to the final documentation.

Drowning in paper

Current processes for property lease documentation are largely manual, requiring agents, lawyers, property managers and valuers to create and recreate documents from data, and then data from those documents.  Over and over again.  Critical data is not captured in a way which is efficient, accurate, or resilient.


leasle resolves this problem by automatically creating and maintaining the essential data at the heart of real estate value and operations.

Data is embedded in both Heads of Terms and Leases and kept in lock-step with our leasle dataset throughout preparation, negotiation and right through to transaction completion.


leasle‚Äôs data-clause technology enables rapid assembly and in-flight dynamic management of complex documents.  It also enables downstream analysis of multiple agreements back to a consistent set of core data values to support efficient due diligence processes.


All data is intrinsically linked and securely traceable back to its originating documentation, and is available as the master source for multiple downstream operations including property management, valuation, and analysis.  Consistent data and documents are then available to support due diligence on sale.


leasle eliminates unnecessary delays, saves costs, and reduces friction in leasing transactions, management operations, valuation and investment sale.

Select property


leasle creates deal parameters to seed the transaction.

Negotiate heads of terms


leasle captures data & documents in lock-step.

Create lease


leasle converts data in the heads of terms to create the lease.

Negotiate lease


leasle ensures data & documents remain in lock-step.


Lease lifecycle


leasle supports event documentation to update the data set.


Data extract


leasle data available for approvals, operational systems & due diligence.


Integrated in the cloud

leasle integrates leading cloud technologies with Microsoft Word to provide powerful facilities to manage the negotiation and document creation process.  All parties may use the web portal, an intuitive mobile app, or can work within the documents themselves to agree terms and complete the transaction.

Download a one page summary here.