The leasle platform provides integrated workflow, document assembly and information capture which streamlines the negotiation of real estate contracts and creates a master source of data which is intrinsically linked in lockstep to the final terms

Drowning in paper

Current processes for property lease documentation are largely manual, often requiring agents, lawyers, property managers and valuers to create and recreate documents from data, and then data from those documents.  Over and over again.  Critical data is not captured in a way which is efficient, accurate, or resilient


leasle resolves this problem by automatically creating and maintaining the essential data at the heart of real estate value and operations

Data is embedded in the Heads of Terms and legal documentation itself and kept in lockstep with our leasle dataset throughout preparation, negotiation and right through to transaction completion


This data is intrinsically linked, clearly and securely traceable back to the original lease documentation, and can then be made available as the accurate master source for multiple downstream operations including property management, valuation, analysis, reporting, and in due diligence on sale


leasle therefore reduces delays, costs, and friction in operations, leasing, and investment transactions

The process starts with one-time analysis of any type of precedent documentation or pre-established industry forms.  This enables preparation, negotiation, agreement, and approval of both heads of terms and lease documentation, simultaneously capturing accurate data at its source




Client's precedent lease documentation and heads of terms are analysed to normalise commercial & legal variables to the leasle dataset

Agree terms

Heads of Terms


Agents utilise a mobile app, our web portal, or Microsoft Word™ to generate, negotiate, and finalise heads of terms

Negotiate documentation



Lawyers generate leases based on the data already captured in the heads of terms and may then work seamlessly in the app, web portal, or in Microsoft Word™ to finalise the lease

Re-usable data



An accurate master source of data is then available for transaction approval and use in systems.  Ongoing updates ensure accurate data is available for due diligence on sale

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Integrated in the cloud

leasle integrates leading cloud technologies with Microsoft Word™ to provide powerful facilities to manage the negotiation process, create sophisticated forms and contracts, and deliver data which can be used throughout the contract lifecycle.  Parties to the transaction may use the web portal, a convenient mobile app, or can work within the documents themselves to agree terms and complete the transaction


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Management of the leasing process is made easier by workflow technology which tracks the negotiation and allows comparison of the key commercial & legal variables in the transaction at each key stage to simplify approvals

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All parties can be confident that the data captured by leasle accurately reflects the transaction because our unique lock-step architecture simultaneously synchronises the data content as documentation is created

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Subsequent abstraction and unnecessary, repetitive document analysis is avoided, saving wasted effort and eliminating opportunities for error

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Reliable, consistent data can be exported for use through automated integration into industry standard management, valuation, appraisal and reporting systems to drive efficient and accurate asset and property management operations