"leasle Compare" enables rapid sign-off process
Our new "leasle Compare" features enable quick sign-off of documents by highlighting changes in key terms and variations from standard clauses

8 March 2021


Richard Angliss

+44 (0) 20 8078 0291

As leasle moves towards launch later in 2021, new leasle functionality is now available to enable instant comparison of key data and leasle data-clauses across documents at each stage of a transaction.  Richard Angliss, CEO of leasle comments that "these new features will enable lawyers to prepare pro-forma transaction analyses automatically showing the change in key terms from Heads of Terms to Lease and therefore provide Asset Managers with the ability to sign-off deals at a glance, reducing time and saving further costs."  leasle‚Äôs lock step technology always ensures that all data extracts are 100% intrinsically linked to the formal legal documentation.  Further development of this functionality will soon enable comparison of multiple leases back to a given baseline to dramatically speed up the due diligence process on sale.