New "leasle Tutor" tool launched
Our new authoring tool takes a radically new approach to preparing suites of documentation for automated assembly

5 July 2021


Paul Rogers

+44 (0) 121 720 3091

Our newly developed "leasle Tutor" supports quick and easy creation of leasle-enabled documents ensuring embedded data and clauses remain in lock-step with leasle’s core database.  Paul Rogers, COO of leasle comments: "Our new Tutor tool dramatically cuts the time and complexity of preparing documents compared with traditional document assembly tools.  Our unique approach establishes sophisticated interrelationships between data and document content across entire suites of transaction documentation without the need for specialist programming skills.  Our no-code Tutor tool teaches leasle how documents and their underlying data points relate through simple point and click demonstration and, in just a few hours, fully automated suites of documents can be deployed”.  A core part of the leasle offer is to substantially cut the cost of automating document assembly for lawyers as well as enabling in-flight changes to document structures using leasle’s data-clause technology.  leasle Tutor is another important step in simplifying adoption and making this vision a reality.